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Investment Fund

IvyLine Capital became operational in April 2015, under the former name, Red Matter Investments.  The firm is a "Macro Driven Equity Fund", with a specialization in equity options.  Our fund looks to achieve growth-like returns with reduced volatility risk, by the use of the various derivative strategies.  


Our partners and our single board of advisory-member, have vast experience in various investment products, such as equities, options, and futures, in addition to the familiarity with the overall financial sector.  Combined, we have over 100 years of experience within financial markets and financial securities. 


Strategy Overview

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Programs (external to our fund)

Early Story

Our cohorts started in 2018 at the request of the students themselves.  Our team was mentoring younger finance individuals from local colleges such as Penn State when they began expressing interest in a real-world application or module in order to bridge the theory of finance to the real world of the industry.


Our co-founder Isaac Eisenhauer, took it upon himself to help solve the issue, simply due to experiencing the problem himself after graduation.  He created a fundamental foundation of a module, which gave the student first-hand experience how to qualitatively and quantitatively select equities and furthermore create a portfolio allocation based on a “risk-parity weighting”.  In addition to selecting equities, derivative products were introduced into the module, and simulated from a position management scope, with an emphasis on statistics and skew.  


What started as a small project for the students, quickly gained positive feedback and grew after they had recommended that Isaac should offer this to outside students.  Because of this, the “Mentoring & Coaching Program” was born.  


After a year, feedback from the growing student population expressed interest in finding ways to communicate with each other.  This, along with competition and guest speaker requests, is eventually how the program transitioned into the “Investment & Derivate Program”.


As of July 2020, the educational division has grown to a total of +450 current and past members, stemming from +90 different colleges and universities domestically, with many from outside countries, such as China, Italy, Bangladesh, India, Panama, Brazil, Australia, and a few more.  



The IvyLine Capital team has selected individuals from USC Marshall School of Business, Bentley University and Harvard College (2018-2019) from this platform, to become Summer and Fall Analysts.  Since then, these individuals have landed other internships and even a career at BlackRock.  We will continue to offer internships on an as-needed basis.  



In moving forward, the team has plans to continue to use this platform for student development and the expansion of the firm and its future private wealth division.


Additional information about our programs can be found on our secondary URL:



Any questions about our program can be directed to Kevin Zahn, at or Brandon Samba, at

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