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Derivative Program

"Bridging the gap between theory and practice"



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What is the Investment & Derivative Program

A concentrated self-paced investment management program that is intended to provide a comprehensive understanding of the "Portfolio Manager", "Analyst" and or "Trader" position in addition to networking with many other young finance professionals across the U.S. and now, the world.

Why was the program created?

Allow us to pass down our experience from realistic points of view in order to help bridge the gap between "theory & practice".  Secondary, this will allow the firm to monitor for talent.  

What is the structure and how does it work?

Each participant will be vetted. If accepted into the program, the participant will move through each section of the program which will range from investments, equity modeling, portfolio modeling, application of derivatives, advanced technicals and statistics.  

Once completed the program, then members will be able to access other young finance professionals, who are in the current job market for networking purposes

What is Maverick SMF and how is it connected to the Investment & Derivative Program?

The Maverick Student Managed Fund is IvyLine Capital's student-managed fund, which was created to complete the cycle of learning and development within the Finance industry.  This is intended to bring the best candidates together from the Investment & Derivative Program by collaborating and strategizing the management of real capital.

Maverick SMF

What is the cost to be in this Program & Cohort?

If you are accepted to be a part of this cohort, the cost would be 13 monthly payments of $65.00 (student rate).

Who is this for?

Finance students & professionals looking to add to their existing skillsets

Portfolio Management

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Portfolio Management & Analyst

Equity Analyst

Sales & Trading

Quant Analyst


Focuses of the Program

Network with members

Connect with professionals working at the top institutions in addition to students from all over the world

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Maverick SMF

Quant & Python

Audiovisual Conference

Program Highlights

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All applicants are vetted through an interview process by management prior to acceptance to the program

+ Assessing the Macro trends

+ Sector Research

+ Equity Analysis

+ Portfolio Construction & Modeling

+ Technicals, Momentum & Statistics

+ Risk Management, Options & Futures

+ Position Management

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